Iris University


Launching Our Library

December 1, 2023

The Iris University team is thrilled to announce the opening of our university library! Please watch the video or read the transcript of the announcement: "This is our library. We look forward really to receiving our students in 2024. They're really going to make use of about 11,000 books that we have here. And in addition, we also have a number of Bibles, about 4,000 bibles that are going to be used by students so that they really appreciate and know the word of God..."

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We Are Officially Approved

November 21, 2023

After many years of labor, Iris University in Pemba, Mozambique was officially approved by the government on November 21, 2023. We are now entering an even more intense phase of operations as we prepare for our first wave of students...

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Iris University Welcomes Dr. Alfandega Manjoro

September 13, 2023

Heidi Baker, PhD, Executive Chairperson of the Board and Chancellor of Iris University signs documents to confirm Dr. Alfandega Manjoro as the Executive President of the Installation Committee. Dr Alfandega Manjoro has over 20 years of educational experience including serving as Vice Rector of UCM in Sofala. He has a Ph.D. in Development Studies, an MBA in Business Management, and a BSC in Statistics. We believe the Lord brought him to the Future Iris University for such a time as this and are excited to have him on board.

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Bread Oven Inauguration

May 11, 2023

Bread Oven Inauguration - There was a vision of bread baking ovens and giving out fresh bread both in the Spirit and actual literal bread. The vision is now a reality! The capacity of the ovens is a thousand loaves of bread a day. The ovens are currently being used for outreach and distribution weekly. We are looking in the future to build more ovens and train others how to use these ovens as a micro business.

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Isaiah 62 Fast

May 7, 2023

We committed to praying and fasting for 21 days for Israel, May 7-28, and for God to raise up intercessors for Israel. Our house of prayer was very involved, and we committed to praying together at least 1 hour each day. We also did a short training on Israel at the Future University prior to the fast.

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Bread Of Heaven Song

September 12, 2022

The Lord gave us a spontaneous song about Jesus being the bread who came down from Heaven. The night before this, one of our intercessors had a dream where she was looking for where she can buy fresh bread, and then that morning Heidi began to share out of John 6 about Jesus being the bread of life and felt that the Lord wanted to give us a song. The Spirit of the Lord touched the worship team and a new song was birthed that day.

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