Iris University


Curriculum Philosophy

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth (Psa. 108:5). ...whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31).

We envision an environment of intensive Christian formation wherein God’s presence is acknowledged and invited into every part of university life. Indeed, we want more than just to offer a Christian perspective in education — we want to nurture a community that is an active catalyst of renewal, a true spiritual center of service to all nations, fueled at its heart by faith, humility, and the everlasting love of God.

As we spread our wings in Cabo Delgado, Iris University commits itself to establishing a tradition of scholarly excellence.

Educational Programs

Iris University will commence by launching several bachelor’s degree programs, as well as implementing various short-term courses contributing to economic and social development in the nation.

(Pending Accreditation)

Degrees Offered

Iris University is a Christ-centered academic community providing comprehensive courses of undergraduate education, with a variety of specializations designed to edify and equip the leaders of tomorrow.

We believe we are called to build a university that provides an exceptional opportunity to learn and acquire valuable skills in an atmosphere saturated with the presence of God and the love of Jesus. We envisage a broad range of majors that will greatly aid Mozambique's development, and also deepen and broaden our students' faith, knowledge, and experience of our Savior, Christ Jesus. Ministry to the poor and needy must also include a path forward into the Kingdom of God, which includes holistic education.


This degree will equip students with the skills required for entrepreneurship and business management. It will address areas such as finance, organization, market strategy, and decision making. Whether students go on to join existing organizations or create fresh businesses, this degree aims to offer the best possible preparation for success.


This course of study will equip students to serve in the public sphere, whether in public or private organizations. It will apply the principles of effective business management and organizational leadership. This is an interdisciplinary study that will address public policy, budgeting and finance, political science, intergovernmental issues, and management.


The theology department of Iris University provides a general background of conservative, historical Christian thought, blended with an emphasis on our pentecostal/charismatic heritage. The core values essential for the ministry of Iris Global will be examined at length. These include seeking and finding God as described in scripture and experienced by believers throughout history. The miraculous is treated as normal, essential, and non-optional. Ministry begins with the least of these, demonstrating God's ability to bring life to the hopeless. Suffering is necessary for our growth in Jesus. And the joy of the Lord sustains us in all things.

All majors will have a focus on linguistics, empowering students with mastery of the English language and related skills in reading and communication. Every student will receive rich training in historical Christian theology.

Future academic plans include a special emphasis on the unique resources and needs of this geographic region. For example, our program in Marine Biology will take advantage of our proximity to the Indian Ocean. Our course of study in Oil and Gas Management looks to the natural resource-richness of Mozambique and ethical partnerships with the involved industries.

We will be offering additional degrees in upcoming phases of development.

Stages of Development


We are currently laying the foundation for Iris University, including construction of the campus, establishing our core academic curriculum consisting of majors in Business & Entrepreneurship, Public Administration, and Theology to address critical needs in our region, and completing the final legal process of accreditation.


Upon addressing the problem of digital illiteracy with our students, we aim to leverage our connections in the tech industry to bring computer science to Iris University and position our graduates for tech internships and jobs. Other strategic majors we aim to offer include English, Oil & Gas Management, Sustainability, Communications, and Oceanography.


At this stage, we will be including graduate degrees in all fields of study. We envision a vibrant campus of over 5,000 students, teeming with life and creativity.

(Pending Accreditation)

PHASE I Business & Entrepreneurship Public Administration Theology

PHASE II Computer Science English Oil & Gas Management Sustainability Communications Oceanography

PHASE III Additional Majors to be Determined Graduate Degrees in All Majors