Iris University


At Future Iris University, our dedicated staff of National Mozambican Professors and International Guest Lecturers help students grow spiritually while they gain a values-centered education.


Iris University engages and seeks partnerships and cooperation with cross-cultural teams, talent, universities, and corporations throughout the world.


Gasepec – Mozambique

Motivarsidade Academy - Mozambique

Tiri Pamodzi - Mozambique

Cardoso Foundation - Brazil

DunamisU - Brazil

Academic Bridges - USA

Center for African Leadership Studies (CALS) - Ethiopia

Rolland Baker, DMin
Professor and Co-Founder Iris Global
Core Faculty

DMin from United Theological Seminary

Francisco Mandlate, MA
Core Faculty

Master in Public Administration - Higher Institute of International Relations

Sergio Mondlane
Core Faculty

Post-graduate in Civil Law - UCM

Adélia Boaventura
Executive Assistent
Core Faculty

BA in law, UCM

Nadia Benbernou, PhD
Director of International Relations
Core Faculty

PhD in Mathematics from MIT, Former Senior Software Engineer & Product Manager at Google

Danny Cassimon, PhD
Guest Lecturer

PhD in Applied Economic Sciences from University of Antwerp, 25+ years of teaching experience

Ian Rossol, PhD
Guest Lecturer

PhD Cambridge University - Department of Earth Sciences

Josh Muse, PhD
Guest Lecturer

Masters of Business Administration, Founding Director of Kaleo International in Mexico

Mitch Land, PhD
Guest Lecturer

Dean of Media & Worship Arts at King’s University in Dallas, PhD from University of Tex

Andrew Ng, MBA
Guest Lecturer

Business CPA in Australia, MBA Melbourne Business School, Masters in Finance from Harvard

Tony Maxwell, DVM, MDiv
Guest Lecturer

DVM Auburn University, MDiv Christian Leadership University, Diploma in Theology - Spurgeon’s College (London)

Sherol Chen, PhD
Guest Lecturer

PhD from UC Santa Cruz, Founder of Academic Bridges and Passion Talks, Software Engineer at Google

Adam Abramson, PhD
Guest Lecturer

CEO and Founder of Farmster, BA Harvard, and PhD from Ben Gurion

Jen Miskov, PhD
Guest Lecturer

PhD from University of Birmingham, U.K. in Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Theology

Angel Ford, PhD
Guest Lecturer

EdD, Liberty University

Cathie Jones, MA
Guest Lecturer

MA in Education from Oxford Brookes University. Founder of TeachWell

Nick Kim
Guest Lecturer

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley

Marina Vilela
Lead Educational Researcher
Core Faculty

Bachelor of Theology from UniCesumar, Brazil

Raphael Vaney
Guest Lecturer

Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training in Business