Iris University


Launching Our Library

December 1, 2023


The Iris University team is thrilled to announce the opening of our university library! Please watch the video or read the transcript of the announcement.

"Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Alfandega Manjoro. I'm the director of the Iris University. This is our library. We look forward really to receiving our students in 2024. They're really going to make use of about 11,000 books that we have here. And in addition, we also have a number of Bibles, about 4,000 bibles that are going to be used by students so that they really appreciate and know the word of God. Thank you.

Yes, we're so excited. This is Dr. Mussa here and he's the technical support director for our library. We're so grateful! We're ready to receive more books here, and 11,000 books we already have. But the good news is all the books, all the books that are written in Portuguese and many in English are gonna be on our virtual library. So we're very, very excited. We are wanting y'all to chase our updates in English. We have 'em in English in Portuguese. 

Iris University is born! In November we got our approval, and now we're just keeping on with all the things that we need to do to finish everything and to open in 2024."

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